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Joshua Baker is a visual artist whose work employs sculpture, printmaking, performance, drawing, collage, and photography. Born in Rochester, NY, Joshua moved to Glenburn, ME at the age of 7 where his life transitioned from an indoor city kid to an experienced outdoorsman. The shock of moving from a city of 200,000 to a town of 2,000 would provide Josh with a sensitivity toward issues of social classes, local production, and the variety of hobbies and pastimes that arise in two very different worlds. Major juxtapositions between these worlds include the sprawling city versus wooded isolation; the anonymity of vast populations versus relative celebrity of small town life; and the distrust of everyone versus the casual trust and conversation of complete strangers. Joshua’s art is focused on making connections with people through humor, conversation, and the transformation of self. Joshua received his BFA in Studio Art and BA in Art History (dual major) from the University of Maine in Orono. Joshua recently completed his MFA in Studio Arts at Syracuse University and recently moved back to Rochester, NY.